Friday, May 25, 2012

Here is to short a "Honey Do list" this weekend.

Just getting off a great Victoria day Weekend in Waterloo.  The weather was better than any Victoria day weekend that I can remember.  I do find it somewhat strange to call this particular day a holiday.  If the weather is bad, which is usually the case then it is most of my time is indoor and  we do spring clean-up in the closets. But when the weather is nice or close to being nice, the “Honey Do lists” are longer as most of outdoor work has yet to be started.  So it is not really a holiday.

It may be different for folks in the US with Memorial day due to the weather differences of North and South.  I see people are really gearing up for this Memorial Day.  I was reading a WSJ blog on some work I did recently about how there is an uptick in sentiment on this upcoming holiday weekend in the US.  It is almost like people are finding ways around the gas prices.  I find difference in year on year growth between flying and driving. “The index also shows a 65% rise in people mentioning traveling by air while discussion of driving increased 13%.”  is an excerpt from the Driver's Seat   More people talking about flying likely indicates a better outlook on economics in the states I would expect.

The article summary is also interesting as it identifies how we can learn about why people do what they do from an analysis on Social Media conversation on a given topic.  This observation really makes sense as many people speak to why they make many of their decisions or disclose their opinions which also identifies what is going on in their minds' eye and what they really want.  Pretty powerful stuff!

Back to holidays....Being Canadian, I also enjoy Memorial Day.  When most of my colleagues and bosses are off on a holiday makes my day a little easier too.  :)  Hopefully those enjoying Memorial Day have short “Honey Do lists and get at least one day to do what they really want!


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