Thursday, August 16, 2007

Information on Demand 2007

Hi All,

This year I am excited to say that the Developer Den at Information on Demand 2007 in Las Vegas is going to be pretty cool for Information Developers, Architects, Application DBAs alike. We are adding IQ to the Mandalay Bay. The den is aggresive with content ranging from cobol, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, XML, PHP, Web 2.0, AJAX, SOA, Web Services, data modelling, Developer Tools and hmmm of course SQL.

The cool thing in the Den is the attendees have an opportunity to drive into the content they really want. We are making this interactive, collaborative which means a real exchange of information.

While the presenters have to prepare for their topic like any other talk which takes a fair bit of time, there is an upside to the presenters. They will be learning from others. Most talks will include a few subject matter experts. We will all be sharing, learning and geeking out!

We will also be providing an developing with pureXML panel where we can learn from experience. Yet to be finalized.

The den will have an option to just sit and relax and maybe fit in tutorial.

You can enroll as well. Not that we are all that formal :) See ya there.

Creating ATOM Feeds via the Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM DB2 too easy?

Does the Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM DB2 on alphaWorks make publishing ATOM feeds too easy to publish pureXML in the database? You may say XML documents are very complicated compared to the demo. I expect that this question may arise. Well that may be true. However, it does provide a means to get you on-ramped. With a little understanding of XQuery you still can achieve a fair bit of complexity. Feel free to look at the industry standard formats that are published on alphaWorks and leverage these concepts for ATOM feed publishing. Then apply this complexity to the Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM DB2. Shoot me…. we used the KISS principle!