Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Blog - New prod!

Finally find time to blog.... Lets gets started.

Recently, IBM released the DB2 Express-C for Vista

Press Release :

This event is gives developers a great opportunity to review pureXML™ on Windows Vista. I do think there will be growing pains getting to Windows. The new security model that Microsoft has added, while mimicking the Unix command via point and click will be an adjustment for me and many other “hackers”. Also a pet peeve for me on Windows Vista is that Microsoft removed “Run” from the Start menu. If anyone knows where it is please let me know! I tend to the command line which gives me some relief.

This new security model is a subtle reinforcement for IBM DB2’s Security Innovation. The need for more granular security is presented to this industry at large with many standards pushing into large companies. Having a granular security model may seem like a “nice to have” today, external forces likely will “Elevate” the granular security priority from “nice to have” to “A must have!” Check our DB2 LBAC on the new security if you are interested. At least LBAC is optional and not in your face like Vista’s model. :)

XML in Windows Vista with DB2!

XML is Everywhere! This phrase or something similar has been floating around often referring to the pureXML™ support in DB2 9. Microsoft again has reinforced IBM’s XML strategies with Windows Vista. Microsoft is moving toward XML file formats for Windows Vista and Office 2007 with XPS. Rest assured companies will evaluate how databases perform with XML storage. For document re-purposing which Microsoft alludes to, there will be a need for native XML support in data management.

What about Web 2.0?

Often when I discuss technology with colleagues, Web 2.0/RIA arise in the conversation. I am not going to apologize. Microsoft is also talking about new XML formats with context of Web 2.0 and how content can be re-purposed. Despite XPS is compressed, the Web 2.0 paradigm requires the granular and relevant information to be successful. By granular I mean – do not send the whole document to the browser - just the relevant sub-documents. Having storage technology that can quickly navigate to sub-documents is key. XQuery can arguably repurpose much of the needs for Web 2.0 unless serious transformation is required – enter XSLT. With the System.IO.Packaging in .NET 3.0, you can retrieve the XML meat from new Office document formats within a few lines of code. This evolution in technology offers opportunity to re-purpose this information from within the database server. Hmmm….

Bottom Line on Innovation

This event provides developers a leg up for early adoption for Windows Vista. Foster Innovation matters for Developers. Early adopters struggle with getting stable technology to get proof of concepts and prototypes ready for evaluation. This release for Windows Vista enables the community to innovate for the future of Vista. When Vista becomes available to the masses, the DB2 community will be equipped for forward looking implementation.

IBM is aggressive and I think it will pay off for DB2 community. Having strong platform support is important for many. I have a few O/S’es at home myself.