Friday, July 27, 2007

Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM DB2 is now available

The Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM has just been released. This toolkit provides a convenient means to get up and running with popular Web 2.0 concepts and IBM DB2. It is a PHP based solution that can be easily extended to aid your efforts with PHP and IBM DB2. This toolkit presents a data centric perspective on building Web Services and ATOM feeds via point and click. You will find demos to help get you started with building these feeds and services with this toolkit.

Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM DB2 also leverages DB29 pureXML to build very efficient Web 2.0 solutions. If you peek under the covers you will see small code fragments without unnecessary loops that you find in many Web solutions. Benefits include reduced code and processing cycles which are conducive to better performance and lower maintenance respectively.

The sample does work with Zend Core for IBM with subtly different installation. If you have Zend Core for IBM, you will need only to install the demos and PEAR in the Web 2.0 Starter Toolkit for IBM DB2.

For the advanced PHP and Web 2.0 developer, you too can leverage this kits as it provides a means to save you from redundant coding of Services and Feeds. You can then focus on your real interesting parts of your application.


PS I really like the Ajax HTML HTML example.