Monday, April 23, 2007

EclipseCon 07 Opportunity Knocks!

Well back again. I have been a little busy, hence the delay.

I (not so) recently attended EclipseCon 07 in Santa Clara representing IBM Data Servers. It was an interesting show. IBM had a great presence at the show: IBM's activities such as Sudoku and SUMO wrestling which were well received. EclipseCon has a focus and purpose and is definitely on a roll. Developers are obviously core to this purpose. Many vendors are looking at this as a solution for their own products. This was later re-emphasized in Ajaxworld as I found many vendors using Eclipse. I will BLOG about AjaxWorld later. Over 1300 in attendance which is a very good attendance level and the attendees started from 8:00 am and went to 8:00 pm. While I did not attend the sessions and note attendance levels, I did note the comprehensiveness of the content. While this is a great conference for Eclipse developers; EclipseCon would benefit with a business segment that would foster building fruitful partnerships as many vendors have synergies that should be leveraged. Technology and business partnership in this venue makes a lot of sense.

Opportunity Knocks….
Acknowledgment of Innovation

DB2 9 (formerly known as Viper) won the 2007 Codie "Best Database Management Solution" award. This is an acknowledge of great innovation. A techie's view of technology often points to innovative software as the Codie is the only "peer-recognition" award (which includes competitors).

A little bit about Codie from Wikipedia.

"The CODiE awards is a yearly award issued by the Software and Information Industry Association for excellence in software development primarily among its members.

Since its inauguration, the Codie Awards program has attempted to showcase the software and information industry's products and services and to honor excellence for corporate achievement and philanthropic efforts. It is the only peer-recognition awards program of the software industry, providing the opportunity for companies to earn the praise of their competitors.

The name "Codie" is derived from the word "code", the instructions making up a computer program."

Find out for yourself on what makes DB2 9 innovative (pureXML, Compression, LBAC), you decide.