Thursday, May 10, 2007

JavaOne ’07 – A Subtle Agile Architecture Statement

JavaOne is an event of persistence. JavaOne’s staying power is exhibited by this conference including a variety technologies from mobility, robotics to the enterprise while staying the course for over 10 years.

Agility in Data and Architecture

As I entered the Moscone center, you could not help notice the massive “” sign. This sign is an interesting remark on XML technology and proves to be key to the minds of Sun and their partners. Many customers asked me about the XML support within DB2 and found the pureXML story impressive.

Interesting to note JavaOne, includes topics in Web 2.0(next generation web) such as:

- Ruby on Rails
- Python
- JavaScript programming language

Noting that these technologies are something Microsoft has been talking about. These languages are considered to foster Agile development. Staying Agile in your architecture/technology and skills are concepts presented by Sun and Microsoft and of course IBM. I think that more possibilities for architecture are opening up to with these announcements. "Staying agile in data and application architecture" is a definitely message that resonated with this event.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

DB2 is Open for business!

The news of the yearly subscription opens new business models for DB2. DB2 Express-C is a free database without any limits in database size. I could go on and on about how many free database offerings limit your deployments, but I won’t. Let’s focus on the opportunities that are now presented with this news in DB2:

1) Emulate Open Source business model without actually being open source
2) Enabling solutions in the form of software as a service with enterprise technology without enterprise price.
3) Reach smaller businesses in an affordable fashion

For years, many open source companies circulate technology for free in the hopes that someone finds it useful. People use open source software for what it does rather than whether they can see source. In fact, most people with an open source database do not touch the source or even look at it. The more complex the software; the less likely someone wants to actually see the source. Does it matter to be an “Open Source Database” technology? Not really. Does it matter that it is free: absolutely! Open Source business model describes the need for people to be able to trial/circulate the software. Once the solution is considered useful and viable, the next step is acquiring a supported environment. This step is paramount to the open source business model. The DB2 Express-C 12 Months License and Subscription enables this business model for DB2 customers! Enterprise feature set with open source business model is very compelling.

Expensive support costs and expensive licenses are prohibitive for the Software as a Service business model. The SaaS model is a derivative of the open source business model in that you are paying for a service rather than software and reduces cost of ownership. So it makes sense that with DB2 Express-C 12 Months License and Subscription enables the SaaS business format as well. Many companies of course care where you put your data in this type of service. What would be safer then DB2. Additionally, the DB2 Express-C 12 Months License and Subscription includes high-availability and replication which is also key to Software as a Service offerings as up-time is a crucial factor for this business model! Additionally, IBM offers companies a means to get started with SaaS hosting. Now you can on-ramp your killer App to the SaaS business model with DB2 Express-C.

Together with these models, software companies can reach new users with the safety net of IBM and feature set of DB2. This announcement opens many doors to new business models and markets for IBM DB2 partners.