Friday, February 9, 2007

Watch for my next Rich Internet Application Webcast

I am working with Zend's Andi Gutmans on a webcast for Feb 28th. We will be speaking on PHP powering Rich Internet Applications on the Windows platform with DB2. Here is the abstract.

After much anticipation, Microsoft Vista was announced in November last year. Windows Vista and Office 2007 moves the XML format to user with desktop tools. An opportunity is presented to enterprises by leveraging this new desktop data format. Many companies have islands of information untapped on the desktop. With new developments with DB2 pureXML - these islands can be managed and integrated into the fabric of Rich Internet Applications. During the Software Delivery Platform webcast, you'll hear how new developments in DB2 and Zend Core provide an exceptional environment to produce powerful rich internet applications with Microsoft Vista.

I really like working with Andi and hopefully some of his smart's will rub off on me. Here's hoping :) Sign up for the webcast!